5 Years - 3 Industry Trends

    December 2017

    Since Vohs & Co was established five years ago three main trends have emerged in the fashion and retail recruitment sector:

    1. A growing candidate shortage
    2. A dramatic increase in demand for digital and technology expertise
    3. The internationalisation of the talent market

    What is driving the candidate shortage?

    Brexit and the huge changes in the fashion and retail landscapes have created a climate of insecurity in the industry increasing the reluctance among candidates to move. This makes skills shortages even more chronic for those looking to recruit. Employers need to counter these by showing confidence and a clear vision about how they are going to succeed over the next three years.

    Which areas aren’t seeing candidate shortages?

    Technical roles have been widely moved abroad. With the number of firms operating at various price points saturated, the relatively high cost base in the UK and other European countries can make it hard to compete. Furthermore, many companies in the supply chain have or are restructuring, operating on a smaller scale to make themselves more agile and to meet the growing requirements of the retailers in terms of price,product, speed to market and quality.

    Employers can therefore cherry pick great candidates as the number of roles in these areas continues to decline. For candidates it is important to constantly build your CV or portfolio and develop your skills through training. Thinking in terms of business language – for example: reducing costs, improving sales or margin, or solving other business challenges will help position your services as an investment not a cost.

    What are the digital and tech roles that are emerging?

    With the growth of online retail and direct marketing to consumers the number of roles in the areas below has exploded and is continuing to grow:

    • Logistics and operations
    • Ecommerce
    • Digital marketing and social media
    • Content
    • CRM

    Rapid advances in technology have transformed the operating environment for traditional retailers and the supply chain alike.

    Everyone from agile, low cost start-ups, to technology giants and traditional bricks and mortar companies are using technology to reduce costs,improve targeting, communicate with customers more effectively and speed up processes.While these roles are business critical for many retailers and fashion companies, this is true internationally and across most sectors, putting these skills at a premium.

    As a result many employers are finding digital and technology roles hard to fill, which is sometimes having a wider impact on the business. Those who constantly benchmark the packages they offer and who ensure their recruitment processes are swift are finding it easier to fill roles than the majority.

    For candidates, due to the rapidly evolving environment, there is a need to constantly develop skills,however those who do will find their services are in great demand, especially if they can couch their achievements in language which relates to business impact.

    The impact of a global fashion market

    The growth of online retail and the pressures that it puts on both the high street and the supply chain are common trends internationally. As a result companies around the world are chasing the same skillets and talent.

    Fortunately for employers in the UK, our island is widely perceived as an attractive place to work and has long been seen as a fashion powerhouse making it a draw for anyone in the industry. But this exchange of talent works two ways and plenty of brands and retailers around the world are interested in candidates who have experience of our mature and sophisticated fashion industry.

    We will look forward at how we expect the industry to change in a future newsletter but in them meantime there is no indication that any of these trends is likely to slow down or disappear anytime soon.


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    February 2018

    Vohs&Co Celebrate 6 Years and New Website!

    V&C New Website Vohs&Co are pleased to announce the launch of our new website which is now live! Thank you to FX Recruiter who worked tirelessly with the business to provide a simple yet effective platform. We hope you enjoy using the site.   V&C Events Vohs&Co events team have been focused on providing ‘Thought Provoking Content’ for the Fashion Retail Industry. In April 2019 we look to host Vohs&Co’s next event with a discussion on “How best can we embrace innovation and modern technology within the garment Manufacturing process to create 100% sustainable and ethically produced garments”. As we explore this interesting subject further we will be hosting a breakfast Q&A with Jeanologia from Valencia, Spain and Sartex from Monastir, Tunisia. Jeanologia ( https://www.jeanologia.com) Are the pioneers of innovative washing techniques and processes and have transformed the textile industry with its disruptive technologies (laser and eco systems) that enhance productivity, reduce water and energy consumption and eliminate damaging emissions and waste, guaranteeing ZERO contamination. Sartex – One North Africa’s Largest Denim producers and Tunisia largest export of bottom weight washed garments, Sartex (http://www.sartexgroup.com/about) founded in 1984 produce 4 million garments a year (Supplying Brands such as Timberland, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Fat Face, Guess, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen plus many more) Sartex have implemented Jeanologia washing process and intelligence and have successfully applied them to their manufacturing facilities. We look to forward to our forth coming event again around the important subject of Sustainability,   Vohs&Co Celebrates 6 Years! ‘’Matthew I’m telling you we have 20 years of experience & knowledge with a great network, we are introducing people all the time, it would be madness not to put all of this energy and passion into a Recruitment company’’ I said 6 and a half years ago. Matthew and I have never looked back. Today we celebrate 6 years of Vohs&Co and WOW what an amazing journey we are on. We are learning, growing and evolving every day. Our team are superb and share our passion and enthusiasm. Thank you to all our clients and candidates old and new who support us by coming back, or approach us to help them grow their business. I can honestly say every day is different, we consult, offer advice and host events related to the industry, whether it’s about sustainability or digital, and most of all we place great people in great jobs! #vohsandcoturns6

    January 2018

    4 Reasons to Consider Wholesale

    Sadly many candidates fail to consider fully the benefits of a stint or a career in wholesale. I started my career working for a wholesaler and if I weren’t running my own fashion retail recruitment consultancy I would head back into the supply chain like a shot. Wholesale has two shortcomings relative to a career in retail. It lacks the perceived glamour of retail and it doesn’t offer the wider benefits package or bonus that are common in retail. However, there are numerous reasons why a couple of years experience or a career in wholesale is something you should consider. Here are my top four: 1. From concept to the high street – working for a wholesaler means you get to be a part of the whole product lifecycle from conception through production and seeing it onto the high street. Being involved in a product at every step of the way is one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever discovered. 2. Exposure to multiple customers – working for a wholesaler you get exposure to multiple retailers giving you a good overview of the very different cultures and benefits of different companies as well as a black book of contacts that can make you the envy of the industry. Many candidates develop a much clearer idea of who they do and don’t want to work for after a stint in the supply chain – and often it is not who they originally thought. 3. Exposure within the business – wholesale roles tend not to be siloed and companies generally aren’t hierarchical giving you both exposure to the whole of the business and the ability to shape and really make an impact on the company. 4. Opportunity and variety – because everyone works so closely together as part of a team within wholesale you are able to see what people do on a daily basis in a wide variety of roles. This could open your eyes to different roles that you may not have known about before. Working so closely with the factories can be an important for your career. Having a good understanding of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and gaining off-shore experience is invaluable while getting the opportunity to visit the factories makes your CV even more attractive! Wholesale is fast paced. Companies tend to be smaller and successful ones grow rapidly providing fantastic opportunities for those who want to seize them. But, for me, the thing that makes wholesale so rewarding is the ability to make fashion happen. I love the journey from creating concepts, to turning them into samples, then securing orders, before putting them into production and ultimately seeing them fly off the shelves. In the unlikely event I ever stop enjoying recruiting for supply chain roles then my final task will be to place myself at an up and coming wholesaler. Depending on your aspirations, some stages of your career may be better than others to work in the supply chain.

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